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Philippines Updates 2021

free trainings philippines Dec 14, 2021

Sabrina and Renalyn, both 8 years old, laugh as they try to listen to their radial pulse. They say they have become closer as neighbors and friends after the Access seminar taught by Outreachers Gemma and Dolps.


Children at the Access class find it easy to do the reciprocals by dancing to the tune of popular hit songs. They have put the steps to heart, and partner up at the end of the day. They go home feeling very happy.


Finally, after so much tapping from the children, Lolo Jose, 80 learns to do the Cortices for himself.  He lowers his blood pressure and later joins in the dance.  The group loves to do the Reciprocal technique to the beat of the local hit song “ Macarena2″


Rafael, 3 (left), keenly observes his elders Cedric 7, and Andi, 8, doing their Cortices (in a half-lotus position) at an Access seminar in the interior farmlands in Nueva Ecija.


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