Supporting Brazil

Project summary

Be Healthy, Inc. supports Brazil through several affordable holistic course offerings and treatments. During the beginning of the Pandemic, in March of 2020, Dr. Nancy Werner and Dr. Janet Galipo offered FREE group healing sessions to support the people of Brazil during these hard times.

Long-term Impact

For over 20 years Be Healthy has provided the translations of many energy medicine materials so that energy medicine can be brought and taught to the people of Brazil. Energy medicine is now being offered in several hospitals including the Hospital Militar de Área do Recife (Army Hospital of Recife), Hospital Municipal Carmela Dutra in Rio de Janeiro, Hospital da Criança de Brasília José Alencar, Projeto Abrace in Brasília (a non-profit center offering treatment to children and adolescents with cancer).

2021 Support

Since the pandemic, both Dr. Janet and Dr. Nancy have been offering free and reduced training opportunites to empower self-healing and to train others to provide energy medicine to those in need. Courses have included energetic acupoint training, 5 elements training, and a study group series.

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Brazil 2021

In this video, we interview Daniele Chaves, a Be Healthy ambassador in Brazil. She discusses the current Covid-19 projects and how Be Healthy has supported Brazil.