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Philippines Update 2022

philippines Jan 31, 2022

With the upsurge of covid cases, Philippine Outreachers have offered free sessions, distant and in-person, to the many ill in Metro Manila.

Remar Soliza, who leads the Access tapping, cites remarkable results. One participant joining the daily tapping online, he says, is free of covid, while a housemate, unfortunately, tested positive.

At the farm in Nueva Ecija north of Manila, children continue to enjoy their weekly get-together, celebrating birthdays and family reunions.  They are joined by mothers who recently returned from work in the Middle East.

The group always begins with a prayer for the community, then Access tapping on self and on others. 

They have expanded to other areas of learning, such as spelling (names of participants, names of body parts). They tell the Outreaches they hope the trainings will never end!


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