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Nepal Support during Pandemic 2021

nepal supplies Dec 14, 2021

Dear Behealthy,

Thank you so much for the concern you have for Nepal and the people here. And thank you so much for the donation. This year we have very strict lock down and even during these periods we managed to give services to needy people although it was not easy. Here I have noted down all details of what we have done so far.

  • We have purchased 2 oxygen cylinders & regulators  = Rs.25,000,
  • 1 set of 5 ltr Oxygen concentrator = Rs. 110,000
  • Vitamins, mask, face shield = 10,500
  • Herbs distributed for the 2nd wave of corona virus in Nepal.
  • 15 kg herbs sent to upper Dolpa Sheyphoksundo gaupalika & Buddha gau palika via local amji from that region worth Nrs.45,000.
  • 300 pkts of 100gm herbs distributed to Chalnakhel Leprocy Center worth Rs. 90,000
  • 25 kg herbs sent to Thupten Choeling Monastery in lower Solu worth Rs. 75,000 for about 300 nuns & monks.
  • Full herbal course for local covid patients worth Rs.143,850, (Rs.1050 per patient including 1 pkt 100g lungs tea for a month supply each). Local patients Include – locals people, monks, nuns, retreatants
  • So total expenditure so far is about Rs.499,350. Bal with us Rs.81,288.

Dr Sherab is curently in Bhutan. Till then we’ll be preparing more herbs to be distributed. Thank you so much for your support. We will update you more later, take care & stay healthy.


Pema Bhuti

Founder, Pure Vision Clinic, Katmandu, Nepal

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