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Learn to be a kitchen Herbalist & Support Health Equity globally

Feb 17, 2022

What does it mean to be a Kitchen Herbalist?

When Dr. Galipo first started her training under David Winston, Master Herbalist, he advised beginning with a kitchen practice. 

So, you purchase a few bottles of tinctured herbs, or perhaps some teas, maybe 5, maybe 10, maybe 20 and you put them on a shelf in your kitchen. Then, when your friend is visiting and she says she has a headache, you whip out a bottle of Schisandra tincture (which helps the liver to bind and eliminate toxins from the body) and, voila, the headache is gone! Then, she tells her friend, and that person comes for a tummy ache and your magic herbal cabinet cures it. Soon, you have a line outside your kitchen door. Now, that’s an herbal practice.

Now you can become a Kitchen Herbalist from the comfort of your own home! 

Learn the power of simples! With 21 Simple herbs 

A Simple is one herb used at a time. It is an herbal approach utilized all over the world. One plant, in your garden or growing in the wild near your home, picked and used to make a tea. One carefully chosen Simple could treat everything from a stomachache to arthritis. When we use one herb at a time, we become very familiar with that herb. We become intimate partners with the plant and learn to trust what it does and to observe its effectiveness.


In this course gain access to: 

  • Video lectures on each herb
  • Reference guide sheets 
  • 21 Simple Herbs E-Handbook 
  • Purchase links to all herbs 

Be Healthy INC has been providing health and wellness education, services and supplies to the underserved global community for the last 20 years.  Be Healthy is committed to sustainable health equity; our Founder Dr. Janet Galipo's passion for holistic education and philanthropy continues to innovate and grow by providing donation base online education programs that awaken the doctor within you!

Proceeds from each course purchased goes directly to Be Healthy's continued work internationally and locally bringing FREE healthcare services to communities in need! 

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