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2022 Update From The Philippines

global health philippines Nov 02, 2022

BT Outreacher Remar Soliza gives a BodyTalk session to a sick young woman in her home in Batangas province. Remar says he is happy to be of help to the community especially during the pandemic. 

 Many anxious mothers bring their children to his home and drop their donation into this bamboo “piggy bank”.  Remar says this boy looked weak in the beginning but visibly perked up after the BT session.  The mother was overjoyed and promised to tell others about her healthcare experience. 

BT Outreachers join youth in a political rally in Luzon in hopes for a compassionate, just and more democratic society. The rallies for the upcoming presidential elections had been spirited in the aftermath of the pandemic.

 Outreacher Gemma joined young people in their support of woman candidate Leni Robredo. She is the current Vice President and is bravely challenging BBM, the son of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the upcoming presidential elections. Over the past weeks, thousands have come out to the streets, bringing their own snacks and health kits, wearing pink, and writing poems on pink. All rallies express hopes for a return to democratic values which have been eroded in recent years.


What a day it was! Gemma and Dolps celebrated one year of BT Outreach and were greeted by 20 children and four adults in the interior farmlands in Nueva Ecija, north of Manila, Philippines There was dancing and poetry reading!  The children put up balloons and posters, and wrote letters of appreciation to their healthcare Outreachers.

 8 children could not come because of the heavy rains but the feasting went on just the same. Joanna was first to volunteer to demo the whole Access.  She said the habit has boosted her self confidence! The children have overcome shyness and performed their numbers twice, thrice in a row. It was an incredible day of fun, capped by a merienda of chicken macaroni soup donated by Jessa, a parent who lent her house for the occasion 

Philippine Outreachers Gemma and Dolps Bunag get a bag full of of fresh green beans from farmer parents of children they have been training in energy medicine and BodyTalk Access for the past two years.  The children practice on the elderly in their homes and on themselves. No covid so far, and people in these farming hinterlands in Nueva Ecija are grateful.

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