Telemedicine sessions

How do they work?

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We depend on our cell phones!

Cell phones use invisible radio waves to communicate. These waves are transported via your digitalized voice in the form of a frequency, the electromagnetic field.

Our telemedicine system carries information in the same way – to reach YOU!

Using the energy-based system of BodyIntuitive, practitioners can deliver remote treatments worldwide. During the Covid 19 pandemic, thousands of treatments were given via telemedicine, saving many lives, and generating proven results. When a person suffers from a health issue, BodyIntuitive can figure out why this is happening and provide a roadmap to healing. It is a cutting-edge, science-based, intuitive mind-body medicine system, able to decode and tap into the body’s healing intelligence, to access and resolve the crucial stories behind symptoms and disease. And it can all be done from a distance!

BodyIntuitive represents a true “East meets West, Past meets Future” vision of healthcare, fulfilling its mission to make a difference in the lives of as many people as we possibly can.

Stay tuned for online telemedicine healthcare coming early 2022

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