The Wood Element

March (Spring) - June (Summer)

Wood Element - Springtime!

Springtime is ‘Wood Element’ time for three months from late March until June. The three months of spring are considered a time of renewal and very expansive energy. The old, stale sort of air of winter is dissipating. So, let’s try to leave any bad energies, anxieties, and more behind as we step into spring and let ourselves blossom to the best we can!

Liver + Spleen

Springtime is the perfect time of the year for detoxification. So as the seasons change many of us think about spring cleaning our homes and the same applies to our bodies. When the body is detoxified it functions much more efficiently and in a much healthier way.

The liver is the main detoxifier of the body. When the liver is overwhelmed it is not able to function properly, meaning that it can’t process out all the toxins.


When we are talking about detoxification, we are talking about a diet that has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables preferably organic and a clean source of water. Sleep is also a great detoxifier since the body regenerates itself during the sleep hours and aerobic exercises also help with detoxification.

In terms of herbs:

  • Bitters are great detoxifiers, this includes dandelion, dandelion leaf, or dandelion root.
  • Nettles seed and root are also great. 
  • Finally, burdock root makes a great detoxifier.

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